About us


To employ technological advancements as the support base of our skillsets in executing our goals and exceeding client’s expectations.

Our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships with all our partners; clients, employees, contractors and the public. We are committed to conducting business in a client- centred manner, ensuring that every clients need is exceeded by our advance skillsets.


Corporate Statement

ES Productionz is the choice that makes the difference. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals, through personalized experiences using an innovative environment as we aim to make a difference and obtain optimal results. Our strong sense of ethics and identification with client projects fosters the value and promotion of seamless interactions with our clients and partners and enables us to provide solutions for known and unknown issues. We have adopted a progressive approach to technology, the business environment and marketing techniques. Consequently, we continue to maintain a 100% client satisfaction rate as we become a more internationally recognized organization.

Production Approach

  •  Analyzing: Understanding client’s needs through Local, Regional and International Research and Discovery.
  •  Ideation and Concept Development: The Creative Process of developing the product. Liaising with key stakeholders to ensure factual and appropriate references are presented.
  •  Executing: Using state of the art technology and advance skillsets for prompt production with internationally accepted standards.
  • Delivering: The provision of products which exceed your expectations.

Scope of Work

The common engagements of ES Productionz include the production of television commercials, documentaries, short films, music videos, public service announcements, video news releases, graphic cards and virtual program sets, website development and media relations.

Contact us

Address Summersdale, Castries

Talk to us 712-9678, 727-1273


Ernell Sextius (Managing Director, Audiovisual Expert) is a professional Journalist and Audiovisual Expert with eleven years of experience working in the media industry. With a specialty in videography and graphics, website development, media relations consultancy, and, sales and marketing, he also maintains a focus on media and business operations management

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